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The Do’s and Don’ts of Driving a Car

The Do’s and Don’ts of Driving a Car

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

When you need to apply for a driver’s license you need to make sure that you know about the rules and regulation in driving. It is not only driving a car but you need to know what you need to do when you are already on the road. Aside from the type of car that you can drive and also your age to be able to drive there are do’s and don’ts that you need to remember when you are learning to drive. The do’s and don’ts are important to avoid any accidents on the road and just discipline to all drivers.

Do’s in driving:

Do always wear your seatbelt. It is a must.

Do follow speed limits that are mentioned on signboards that you will see on the road sides.

Do give pedestrians their right on the crosswalks.

Do give way to other vehicles as well like motor cycles, bicycles, cars and others.

Do keep first aid kit in your car for emergency purposes.

Do make regular maintenance of your vehicle to ensure no problem in your driving. It is going to be dangerous and too costly if ever that you are not able to find the problem on your vehicle. You can also keep spare tire and jack so you have them ready when needed.

Do always plan your trips and route especially for long trips. Do always keep map in your car for your reference.

Do always follow rules of the road by heart. It should be done every now and then.

Don’ts in driving:

Don’t drink and drive. Do not also get into the car with drunken driver.

Don’t play too loud songs on your stereo you may not hear the sirens or signals.

Don’t use your phone while you are driving. Pull over to a safe place if you need to answer the call.

Don’t be distracted by other activities inside the vehicle. Anything like eating, putting make up on or changing clothes can be too dangerous.

Don’t break any of the rules even when there are no cars on the road. Don’t press the car’s accelerator except on a green signal.

Don’t make any assumptions on what the other drivers are going to do. They might forget to turn off their signals or turn it on when turning to another way.

Don’t leave any of your valuables in the car.

Remembering the do’s and the don’ts of driving is important. They are the key to a safe driving. Even it is a simple green signal on the stop it is still important that you follow it. Do not attempt to break any rules because it may cause accident that you would not want to imagine to happen. Make sure that when you drive you take all responsibility for you and the other people’s safety on the road. Do not forget to follow every single rule that is set on the road. Do not forget to check your car as well before going out to ensure safety on driving.

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Overview about Driving Lessons and How to Drive

Overview about Driving Lessons and How to Drive

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Driving for some people who has a dream to have a vehicle they want to drive is a fulfillment. They think that if they can drive it means they can go wherever they want to go. However if it is their first time to drive a vehicle definitely there are things that they need to do. In this article you will be able to have an overview about driving lessons and things to remember in applying for a driving license.

  1. If you are 15 years & 9 months old, you can submit an application for provisional driving license but you can start on driving a car at age 17. You can only drive at 16 if there is PIP component that you have. PIP is Personal Independence Payment. Just check the vehicles that you can drive by going to the UK government’s website.
  2. The provisional driving license that you need to secure is for Northern Ireland or Great Britain when you are learning to drive. You can learn driving on all the roads except for the motorways.
  3. Since you are just starting to learn on how to drive you should be accompanied by qualified driving instructor. You can be also accompanied by someone who meets the driving rules like family or your friend. The car that you are going to use or learn in should have a displayed L plates.
  4. Any person who you pay in teaching you how to drive must be a trainee driving instructor or qualified ADI or approved driving instructor. Driving instructors can put their own prices for a driving lesson. There is no maximum or any minimum cost. The ADI instructor should have a green badge and the trainee instructor must have pink badge.
  5. When you are attending driving lesson, number of hours does not matter, it depends on how quickly you can learn driving.
  6. Be sure that a friend or family member to help you on your driving should be above 21 years old according to code of . They should be eligible to drive the kind of vehicle that you need to learn in. For example if it is a manual car, he or she should have a manual car license. Then they must have 3 years driving license. Remember you can be penalized if driving without right supervision.
  7. You must have insurance as learner driver when you are practicing the car that you own. Be sure as well that if it is another car you are learning in, there should be insurance on it.
  8. Put L plate on both back and front of the vehicle when you are learning driving, it must be a red and white background. And green P plate to recognize you as passer in driving if you already passed the driving test.

Driving may not be that complicated as you can see on the overview, you just need to follow what are needed so you can pass driving lessons and be a driver. Make sure to put safety first at all times to avoid any problems on the road.


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Things You Need to Know before Taking Your 1st Driving Lesson

Things You Need to Know before Taking Your 1st Driving Lesson

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Driving is a responsibility and before seriously going into that you need to take driving lessons first. You need to know what you need to do before going to the driving agency. In other words you need to understand first what has to be done before taking your very first driving lesson. As your simple guide you can read below the things that you need to know before taking your first driving lesson for you to successfully be a driver.


The DVSA which stands for Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is the executive agency that is going to supervise everything about driving lessons and the tests that are going to be conducted. This means that this agency will be the centered of all about driving vehicles in UK. This agency is sponsored by Department for Transport.

Apply for driving license

You must apply for a driver’s license before you can drive. You can get an application form from post office for your convenience. When you have it you can bring the license to your 1st driving lesson. Make sure to keep your license somewhere safe so it is ready when you need it.

The driving instructor

It is also important that your driving instructor is qualified. They must have the appropriate and displayed ADI certificate that you can see on their windscreen. The qualified instructor must have green one and the trainee instructor must have pink one. Remember that it is not legal to pay unqualified paid training or instruction.

Must have good eye sight

A good driving instructor should check on your eyesight if it can read number plate with minimum distance of 67 feet. This is important so you will never miss anything on the road and to avoid any possible road incidents.

Alcohol and drugs

You must not drink alcohol when you are taking your driving lessons. Most of all do not take drugs because it is prohibited and unlawful. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs make sure to resolve it first before taking your driving lessons.

Appropriate Clothing

It is recommended to wear appropriate clothes and also footwear that is good for driving. Do not wear distracting outfit whenever you are taking your lessons as it is going to be distracting to your driving instructor as well. Wear jeans and flat shoes that are best for comfortable driving.

Driving is a responsibility because you need to drive a vehicle on the road where there are also other people and vehicle you will encounter. It needs discipline, knowledge, patience and all the good traits that a person must have when driving. You need to be responsible in every rule that you need to follow in safely driving. The driving lessons and your license are important because those are the key on how you can drive well on the road. Make sure to remember all what you have learned to avoid any untoward incidents on the road that you may encounter. It is important to be safe at all times.

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